About Polish eNVy


Remember the time you went to the salon, paid $60 only for the gel to peel off after one day? We’ve all been there & it’s frustrating! With many different brands of gel polish out there, how do you know who to trust?! Sadly there is a lack of quality polishes and most brands simply just chip off or create the dreaded rippling effect on your nail. Some bottles even display misleading pigments or incorrect ingredients, and nobody wants that.
Here at Polish eNVy we’ve decided it’s time to stop! Let’s be honest about what’s in your gel polish for once. Our fabulous owner Crystal was ready to make that change! She found a chemist that created the high-quality product we were looking for and a design team that eased any frustrations on color accuracy. Alas, Polish eNVy was born!

Being that Crystal is a proud Nevadan, she wanted to create a personalized product that local Nevadans could identify with and would be proud to wear. The corporate monkeys think they know Nev-ah-duh, we’re here to show you the difference. Every color was inspired by and named for someplace, someone or something Nevada. Superior quality, unique on-trend colors and Nevada eNVy pride all bottled up into the perfect gel polish, enjoy!